Lebole Gioielli Creations

Originality, tradition and lightness. A wooden soul, the uniqueness of ancient Japanese fabrics and natural stones to complete the jewel. Small pieces of art to wear.

The intertwined lines of the precious metal recall ancient symbolisms and stories. Each element tells a world: the Lebole Maison universe to take with you.

Light materials, exclusive design, brilliant stones: new combinations to create accessible jewels with high creative potential. Style also passes through creativity.


Preziosa Magazine - May 2024

"We work on intuition, with scraps of ancient kimono fabrics we take you a stone's throw from Japan, we reconstruct symbolic images with a very...


Drago Summer Edition

A Drago Hoop Mirror for only 20€.The Drago Summer Edition is the promotion that allows you to add a Drago Hoop Mirror to your...


Lebole Maison: Eighteenth-Century Collection, a conversation on the grace of Rocoò and the modernity of Plex | Preziosa Magazine

  Playing with places and forms, with materials and eras, Lebole Maison has accustomed us to an aesthetic regeneration capable of offering new...


Preziosa Magazine - March 2024

SEASONAL TREND Idee brillanti / Icons / À la garçonne / Bruno Mazza, color collection / Lebole Maison, Kanji collection – STORIES Muriel...


Lebole Maison, Kanji Collection: another idea| Preziosa Magazine

He has forged a special bond with the Rising Sun by designing jewelry whose modernity, on closer inspection, is an astonishing reunion of memories, far...

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